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I’m so glad I found Tile and Stone Geeks! Our granite counter had several stains and a long scratch that has been bothering us for a long time.  We were considering replacing the entire counter, but wanted to see if it could be restored instead. Eshed assured us he would be able to remove the stains and the scratch from the counter.  It was a long process, but definitely beats having to replace the entire counter. We made the right decision because we were able to save money in the end.  It’s not a new counter, but I’m really pleased with the outcome
Debbie Johnson, West Los Angeles

The marble in my shower started to rust. Other companies weren’t able to do anything for me and I was about to give up. I found Tile and Stone Geeks and they were able to remove the stains from the marble. It’s really unbelievable!
Tracy Henderson, Calabasas

The tile and grout in our bathroom was overdue for a cleaning. In a matter of a few hours Eshed was able to clean and seal the entire bathroom walls and tile floor.  I don’t remember my bathroom looking so clean in such a long time and I use a cleaning lady every other week!
Jessica Strouss, Los Angeles

We needed to fix several issues with the tile throughout our house. We had a couple of broken pieces of tile in the bathroom and we couldn’t find a cleaning company that was able to clean and replace them until we found Tile and Stone Geeks. Eshed replaced the broken tile without a problem.  We also needed the tile and grout cleaned in the bathroom.  I’m absolutely amazed at the difference one cleaning made.  We had a stain in our kitchen counter and another company charged us two times for coming out twice and they still weren’t able to remove the stain! Eshed also came twice, but he removed the stain and only charged us once.
Bobbie Miller, Sherman Oaks

We called Tile and Stone Geeks in the morning and by the evening the Travertine tile in our master bathroom was completely cleaned and sealed. We’re scheduling them in next week to clean our other bathroom too!
Autumn Gomez, Hollywood

We just moved into our home, but knew we had to replace the backsplash in the bathroom and repair broken tiles on the floor. We hired Tile and Stone Geeks and are very pleased with the results.  They removed the old backsplash that was there and installed new tile.  They were also able to replace the broken tiles on the floor.  We’re slowly designing our home the way we want.
Barbara Feinstein, Porter Ranch

My kitchen needed an upgrade so I wanted a new countertop. I was surprised that Tile and Stone Geeks not only cleaned, but they installed new tile as well.  They brought Eshed who was very knowledgeable and helped me decide what type of stone would fit my needs the best. We decided to go with light colored granite countertop with a shiny sealer finish. Doing that alone makes my kitchen look brighter and more inviting
Samantha Miller, Sherman Oaks

After so many years of cooking and spilling foods on our countertop and kitchen backsplash the stone and tile started to look very old and stained. It was almost embarrassing to have our friends see the rundown kitchen.  Eshed came and removed the stains we thought would be there forever.  He also managed to clean the tile wall and grout completely. I can tell he was working really hard and I appreciate everything he did for us.
Joselyn Frank, Los Angeles

Tile and Stone Geeks did an amazing job on our entryway.  My husband and I just moved into a new home and the entryway and hallway was gross. I called Tile and Stone and gave them a description of the issue.  They sent Eshed the next day. He was very professional and a nice guy.  It took him only a few hours to clean the hallway and entryway.  The results were unbelievable! Thank you guys!
Karla Ramirez, West Hollywood

I just had the tile and grout in the bathroom and cleaned and sealed by Tile and Stone Geeks.  Eshed came by and looked at the bathroom and told me that he would do the best he could, but the tile was in pretty bad condition. He sure did.  He got on his hands and knees and worked really hard to scrape and clean the tile and grout.  The tile was in horrible condition so I wasn’t expecting it to look that great after. I’m so impressed with how well he cleaned the bathroom. It came out way better than I ever expected. I highly recommend Tile and Stone Geeks.
Danielle Dunst, Northridge