Tile Stain Removal

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Caring for your tile is important so that you don’t end up with set in stains.  Thankfully, there’s the option of tile stain removal to bring back the original look of your tile.  Some acidic foods and cleaning chemicals may leave stains on your stone countertops or tile flooring. Stones and tiles are porous and stains can sink deep into the surface.  The more detailed you are about what caused the tile stain the more likely it is to be removed.  This is because each stain responds differently to removal techniques.

If your counter top or flooring is made out of a natural stone please refer to our designated page for Stone Stain Removal.

Fortunately, since porcelain and Ceramic tiles have a non-porous layer at the surface most of their stains can be cleaned and removed. However, some tile stains needs more attention and professionalism. One of the most common approaches for removing stains from tile is to use a paste, called a Poultice, which is made by mixing a special powder substance with a liquid cleaning agent. The tile contractor will determine the ratio of powder to liquid and the type of poultice to use depending on the type of tile and cause of stain.

Stain removal in white marble after two visits
Stain removal in white marble after two visits

He will cover the stain with the poultice and allow the paste to sit for 24 hours.  He will return the next day to see how much of the stain has been lifted.  In some instances more than one treatment will be necessary.

As a general rule of thumb it’s recommended to regularly perform tile cleaning and sealing  to keep up the original look of your tile and to avoid deeper stains in your tile. Even with regular cleaning you must continue to be careful to not get acidic foods or damaging chemicals on the tile as these will cause stains that ordinary cleaning won’t remove.

Ceramic Tile Stain Removal

Many bathrooms are designed using ceramic tile or porcelain tile because of the durability.  One of the most common calls we get are for ceramic tile stain removal.  We begin by applying special chemicals designated for this type of material.  Secondly, the tile contractor will scrub the area using a special brush.  Finally, he will use a commercial grade steam machine to wipe down and lift the debris.  The steam machine will effectively sanitize your ceramic tile restoring it to an even better condition than when you first installed it! Most stains on ceramic tiles can be removed quite easily using the right tools, if deeper stains is what you have and we can’t “Steam it” out  than same procedure as mentioned above will be required.

The best thing to do is prevent stains from happening by caring for your tile and stone.  But, spills happen and for that reason we have the tile stain removal process.  Although it may seem easy to remove the stains at home, more damage can be done if the wrong chemicals are used.  Your best bet is to hire a professional tile contractor.  

We are famous for our tile restoration services as we have been dealing with all kinds of ceramic and porcelain tiles all over Los Angeles County for over 12 years, give us a chance – you will not regret it. For more information on tile stain removal prices please contact us at: 800.742.3585