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Many of the homes we work on have certain areas with chipped and cracked porcelain tiles or even ceramic tiles with stains that cannot be removed.  Unfortunately there is no quick and easy way to fix a cracked tile and you may be looking into tile repair.  It’s important to know that in order to repair broken tile or repair cracked tile you must replace the tile completely.  Tile replacement is the only solution for cracks or broken tiles.  You cannot glue together broken tiles or fill in the cracks in a way that will make the tile look attractive again. If you have additional tiles stored away it would be best to replace your broken or cracked tile.  If you don’t have the extra tiles and cannot find a similar one then you are facing 2 options:

  1. Think of a new design (color and maybe other style) that is related to that location only and replace the damaged tiles in a way that will create a new design as if the design was there from day one even if it means replacing some other perfectly good pieces of tiles.
  2. Completely replace the whole section (new installation).

How to Repair Cracked Tile

As mentioned above you may try to glue some pieces together using epoxy or other compounds but the results may not be as good as you want them to be, this is why we recommend replacing it completely. So how do we remove one damaged cracked ceramic tile surrounded by her perfectly good sisters?  The answer is: very gently and using the right tools!

Tile repair for broken tile is to typically replace the pieces
Tile repair for broken tile is to typically replace the pieces

The first step is to scrape out the grout around that specific tile removing as much grout as possible. You may try to gently extract the tile using a fine chisel, but if that doesn’t work you may need to break the tile gently into little pieces using a hammer or even a drill.

Once this is completed you need to remove the old and dry thin set or adhesive to clear the space for the new installation thin set mortar.

Although it may seem simple enough to pop out an existing tile and replacing it with another, hiring a tile repair company is the best and most safe solution. It takes a skilled tile contractor to cut around the broken tile into the grout without damaging the surrounding area.

We are famous for our many tile repair services as we have been dealing with all kinds of ceramic and porcelain tiles all over Los Angeles County for over 12 years, give us a chance – you will not regret it. For service and more information please contact us at: 800.742.3585.