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Everyone likes to have nice stone countertops or tile flooring because it enhances and beautifies the home. Whether this is a new tile installation or if you’re looking for tile replacement for a few broken tiles we’ll give you some information about what to expect.  Many cleaning companies don’t risk tile replacement because they either lack the proper insurance coverage, not licensed or just don’t have the expertise to properly repair your tile without breaking the neighboring area.  In this page we’ll provide you basic information on how we and other tile contractors perform tile flooring installation and give some quick information on the way we repair tiles.

Complete new tile installation for bathroom remodel
Complete new tile installation for bathroom remodel

To repair cracked tile you must replace those pieces.  For some stones like travertine you may get away with filling in the cracks with resin, but chances are the cracks will be too thin for the resin to fit.  You may find information on replacing tiles yourself, but if not careful you can create more damage.  For more information on tile repair follow this link: Tile Repair.

Systems for Installing Tile on Walls and Floors

Generally there are three main systems for tile installation for homes, whether installing tile on existing concrete, on your walls or inside your shower.

The simplest one is installing porcelain tile or any other tile on existing concrete slab. Installing on top of concrete flooring requires almost no preparations; all you have to do is sweep the area and wipe the remaining with a wet sponge. All you need now is to apply the thin set adhesive on the desired ceramic tile and set it on top of the concrete.

Mosaic style new tile installation for bathroom
Mosaic style new tile installation for bathroom

The second known system is using boards as the base layer for installing the new tile.

Assuming we are working on normal sub flooring, usually plywood in a decent and leveled condition the easiest way to install tile is by using Backer boards or cement boards (Wonder boards).  In this system we install the boards on top of the floors using screws and only then installing the new tile on top the new boards using tile adhesive or mortar thin set.  This tile installation system is very good for walls and floors which are leveled and solid.

The last and most common system is using cement mortar bed as the base layer for the new tile flooring (float cement). Some tile contractors try to avoid this system since it is more complicated and time consuming. The truth is that if your floors or wall’s framing are solid and leveled there is no reason to go the extra mile. In this system our tile technicians install underlayment water proofing paper and wire mesh (chicken wire) on top to be used as the base for the mortar bed. Later we apply the cement in 2 stages, wait until fully cured and install the tile on the new tile bedding using the tile adhesive.

There are many more different tile installations systems mostly depending on the location and the tile or stone type. Installing tiles for backsplash, countertop or glass mosaic in the shower may be slightlt different, unfortunately we cannot explain the entire working trade in one small website but should you have any questions and would like to hear about our tile services and experience in the entire Los Angeles county and its surroundings, please give us a call at: 800.742.3585