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If your tiles are unattractive and dirty and have lost the beautiful look they once had, it’s time for some tile cleaning and sealing. Foot traffic, spills, or even mopping can ruin the look of your tile. Mopping can leave a soapy residue that attracts new dirt and creates new stains. The best way to bring your tiles to their original look is with a designated tile cleaning service. In this page we will concentrate on cleaning artificial tiles such as ceramic and porcelain, but if you are inquiring about natural stones such as granitemarble and travertine you may want to visit out Stone Cleaning page. Also if your grout needs a facelift, look into grout page for more information on that process.

Cleaning Tile

Cleaning ceramic and porcelain tile is fairly easy when compared to cleaning stone.

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing in Los Angeles area.
Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing in San Fernando Valley
These types of tiles are most popular due to their strength, their price and the ability to repel liquids. This makes them able to avoid long lasting stains.

In order to clean porcelain and ceramic tile we can get pretty aggressive.  If the traditional mop and soap does not do the trick we use different compounds and liquids to remove them.  The first step is to apply chemicals to the area to emulsify the dirt.  We scrub the area with a large brush to further break apart the dirt and grease. Finally, we use a pressure steam machine to finalize the procedure.   These machines typically have pressure levels between 1,000-3,000psi and temperatures of up to 250ºF. That combination of super-heated steam is used to clean your tiles immaculately and disinfect the area, it is also used to vacuum up the debris leaving your floors super clean and germ free!

Tile sealers

Assuming you have successfully completed cleaning the desirable surfaces it will be completely unwise to leave your sparkling flooring or counters unprotected which leads us to the next step in the tile cleaning process which is the tile sealer or sealant.

The stone sealer protects your natural stone from wear and tear, but the results last longer when the correct sealant is used.  Many tile cleaning companies will use a topical tile sealer; the topical sealer sits on top of the tile and will wear off quite rapidly depending on traffic.  Using this type of sealer is recommended for ceramic and porcelain tile. For sensitive stone surfaces such as slate, marble, travertine and Saltillo (Spanish tiles) we often like to use a penetrating or impregnating stone sealers which provides long lasting results because they penetrate into the material rather than just sitting on top. 

For a deeper review on stone sealers visit our Stone Sealers Page

Tile sealer – The finishes

Leaving professionalism aside, the finished product is a matter of personal taste.

In sealer family there 3 main type of sealer finishes:

  1. Enhancer – A stone sealer which will ultimately bring back the natural look as it was before.
  2. Wet Look – A stone sealer which will add a “wet look” to your stone. It gives it a permanent shine.
  3. Natural look- A stone sealer basically does not change the look of the stone as it is now.

Cleaning your floors and bathrooms and is no easy task and definitely not a one-time thing.  In order to preserve the beauty of your home and keep a healthy environment you must repeat this process at least every other year.

We have been cleaning and sealing natural stones throughout the greater Los Angeles area since 1998.  With the right tools and excellent prices let us carry the burden of these tasks.  For service and more information please contact us at:800.742.3585.