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If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, kitchen or patio and considering new stone installation then this page is for you. Natural stone comes in a variety of types and durability, but before you call your natural stone installer it’s best to determine your needs. In this page we will shortly review the popular stone types and ways of installation and stone repair procedures.

Natural Stone Tile Installation

Although many homeowners may be eager to install natural stone in their homes, it’s labor intensive and difficult work.  The stone tiles are very heavy and you’ll need a precise hand to ensure the stone tiles are installed correctly.

When purchasing new stones be sure to buy all of it in one order and in sufficient amount. Natural stones are different from one another and may have different shades if purchased from 2 different places and even from the same place itself.

Stone Repair and New Installation
Stone Repair and New Installation
Before installing the new stone browse carefully between the purchased boxes to screen out the ones you don’t want to use. Even after coming out precut from the factory, the size of a specific tile may be a bit different from another. That fact makes the tile installer’s job a lot harder. Regardless to color, thickness and roughness may also be slight different. If you are in to perfection and would like everything to be 100% unified then installing natural stone may not be the best option.

Some types of stone are better for some areas than others. Granite is great for countertops because it’s very durable. Limestone, Travertine and slate are great for hallways and entryways. Marble is often used in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. 

Once you’ve determined the type of natural stone you’d like, the tile installation is the next step!  We’ll give you a brief process of how we perform natural stone installation.

Generally there are three main systems for natural stone installation for homes, whether installing tile on existing concrete, on your walls or inside your shower.

Installing on Concrete Slab:

This is the quickest installation procedure.  We will clean the area and apply fresh thin set adhesive on the natural stone tile and place it on top of the concrete.

Installing on Sub Flooring:

When working on normal sub flooring with a descent leveled floor we may use Backer boards or cement boards (wonder boards).  With this technique we first install the boards on top of the floors using screws.  We then apply adhesive or mortar thin set to the stone tiles and apply to the boards.

Float Cement:

The last and most common system is using cement mortar bed (float cement) as the base layer for the natural stone tile installation. Some tile contractors try to avoid this system since it is more complicated and time consuming. The truth is that if your floors or wall’s framing are solid and leveled there is no reason to go the extra mile. In this system our tile technicians install underlayment water proofing paper and wire mesh (chicken wire) on top to be used as the base for the mortar bed. Later we apply the cement in 2 stages, wait until fully cured and install the tile on the new tile bedding using the tile adhesive.

Stone Repair

As promised we will discuss natural stone repair.  Even though some natural stones are durable, they do scratch, stain or crack.  In the article stone stain removal  we cover the process for removing stains from natural stones through either poultice or buffing techniques.

Scratches in stone can also be removed by sanding and polishing similar to solid wood surfaces.  We begin by sanding the surface with rough sanding paper.  Once the scratch disappears we use a finer sanding paper to smoothen out the surface followed by another more fine sanding paper.  We complete the process by polishing the area with a special polisher and seal the area with your choice of stone sealer .

Cracks in the stone cannot be repaired. They must be replaced completely.  If you have extra stone tiles or are able to find the same design we are able to replace the broken pieces.  If it’s not possible to find replacement tiles you may either replace the entire area with brand new natural stone tiles or re-design the surface by adding a few accent pieces of new tile into a new arrangement.

As mentioned before stone tile installation is difficult for beginners.  It takes a few years of experience before being able to properly lay natural stone. 

We are famous for our stone installation and stone repair Services. For over 12 years we have been installing natural stone throughout the Los Angeles area.  Give us a chance – you will not regret it. For more information on natural stone installation prices please contact us at: 800.742.3585