Tile Regrouting

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Tile Regrouting is necessary in cases where grout cleaning or coloring won’t restore the look of the grout.  Many times the stains are deeply set in and traditional cleaning won’t be enough.  In a lot of cases the grout is cracking and falling apart which eliminates the grout coloring option.

Repair Grout

When speaking of grout repair or grout restoration we usually refer to replacing the grout which is also known as re-grout. Unfortunately there is no grout repair and adding new layer of grout to the existing one will only last several weeks or a few months if you are lucky.

In the process of tile regrouting
In the process of tile regrouting
Although you’ll find plenty of articles on doing grout repair at home, it can be difficult.  If not performed properly you may damage the existing tile during the removal process.  Hiring a professional tile regrout company is always a safe bet.

The first step in this type of work is the removal of the existing old grout without damaging the tile.  You will want to use the right size chisel and slowly start scraping the grout out layer by layer. Stop to vacuum the floors every now and then so that the grout debris won’t fall back between the tiles.  When working inside a shower you may want to seal the drain so that the debris will not potentially cause a clogged drain.

Once the grout is carefully removed and all debris is vacuumed the final part of the regrout process is to fill the spaces with the new grout. Choose your grout color and type, follow the manufacture specification for the water to mix ratio and start the application process. After the grout is filled into the spaces one must go over the area with a wet finger to smooth the area.  Finally a squeegee should be used to remove excess grout from the surface of the tile. Sometimes grout will shrink when drying and regrouting a second time will be a necessary step.

Tip: When working with grout between two separate objects such as bathtubs and counters you may want to consider applying special caulking grout. This type of grout is more flexible and works best for surfaces that might have slight movements.

Once the regrout process is complete sealing the grout is the final step. Grout sealing is an important step to protect against further stains and mildew. The process of sealing grout and tile are similar, thus, it’s a wise investment to combine both surfaces.

Tile regrouting is an effective way to restore the look of your floors or even to create a new look. When comparing regrouting to a complete remodeling installation, new grout is fairly inexpensive and you’ll end up with a major positive outcome.

We are famous for our floor restoration services as we’ve worked all over Los Angeles County for over 12 years. Tile Regrouting is a daily routine and we’re fast, clean and we bring results. Give us a chance – you will not regret it. For more information on Tile Regrouting prices please contact us at: 800.742.3585