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Tile and grout must be cleaned and sealed  at least every other year to maintain its original appearance otherwise the grout becomes very dingy and unsightly. Your options for grout restoration include tile regrouting or grout coloring. Here we will describe what’s involved with coloring grout.

Change Color of Grout

There are a couple reasons to change the color of grout. Either the grout has become dirty beyond the point of cleaning or the homeowner has become tired of the current color of the grout and would like a grout color change.  It used to be that the only option for grout repair was regrouting, but nowadays grout recolor is an option.

Bold choice for grout coloring
Bold choice for grout coloring

Please note that if your tile grout is cracking and chipping coloring it is not an option and you may want to look into re grout.

Grout colorants are available in a variety of colors.  You’re able to touch up areas, make your grout darker or lighter, or change the color completely.   If you don’t have any experience with grout color change you may want to consider hiring a professional tile installation company.  You will need a steady hand to recolor grout otherwise you will get the color on the surface of the tile and may cause irreversible damage; we recommend to use painter’s tape before coloring.   

Before you begin recoloring the grout you must make sure the grout is completely clean. Any amount of grease on the grout will keep the colorant from adhering to the surface. It’s best to use commercial grade cleaning agents to properly clean

Not all grout is created equally! This means that changing the color of grout isn’t possible on all surfaces. Natural stone countertops with grouted tiles from silicone or other inorganic materials won’t be receptive to colorants.

Grout coloring can be a tedious job so depending on the size of the area it may not be completed in one sitting.  Because it is time consuming homeowners may become tired or bored of the job and begin to do a lackluster job which leads to less than perfect work.  To ensure quality work consider hiring a professional tile installation company.   By doing this they will also professionally clean the tile using commercial grade cleaning agents before grout coloring the surface.

Grout coloring can be a tiring and time consuming job and there’s room for error if not done by a professional.  We have been recoloring grout throughout the greater Los Angeles area since 1998.  With the right tools and excellent prices let us carry the burden of these tasks.  For service and more information please contact us at: 800.742.3585.