Countertop Replacement

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One of the best ways to raise the value of your home is with updating your kitchen.

Countertop replacement
Countertop Replacement
Countertop replacement may be one of the best ways to immediately improve the look of your kitchen.  If you have a few stains or small scratches you may be able to restore your countertops.  With open space design that has become the most common architectural structure of recent times, the kitchen is not only a place to prepare your food, but a nice area to socialize too.  Kitchens have become one of the major focal points of the entire house. Many homes are designed so that the dining room is either attached to or nearby the kitchen making it difficult to avoid an eyesore if your countertops aren’t upgraded. 

Deciding to replace your kitchen counter is a good investment.  It’s less expensive than doing a full kitchen remodel and it will give your kitchen a new and great look.  The downtime that it will take to replace the countertop will be minimal when compared to doing a full kitchen remodel.

Best Kitchen Countertops

We’re often asked what the best kitchen countertops are.  That answer all depends on what your needs and tastes are.  Do you like the look of natural stone? Do you want a kitchen countertop that’s more durable and resistant to stains and heat?  Laminate countertops are less expensive and it gives the kitchen a "retro" look, but it’s not very resistant to heat so you would need to avoid placing very hot items on top. 

Countertop replacement
Countertop Replacement

Tile countertops are wonderful because they tend to be durable and are available in a variety of designs so you may customize your kitchen to suit your taste. With tile you have a choice of natural stone tile or synthetic. 

Granite countertops continue to be very common and popular because the material comes in a variety of great looking colors and designs and it’s relatively heat resistant. Granite is typically sealed after fabrication because the material is porous.  It’s also important to upkeep your counters by resealing it about once every year.

Marble countertops look stylish, but it’s a softer material and absorbent.  Spills can seep into the material and cause staining. 

How to Replace Countertops

If you don’t have much experience with kitchen remodeling, you may find that countertop replacement is a daunting task. Below is a brief description of countertop replacement.

Turn off Water

The first step to replace the countertop is to turn off the water using the valve beneath the sink and disconnect the water lines.  When you’ve turned off the water and disconnected and drained the lines remove the kitchen sink.

Separate Countertops

Scrape the caulking from the countertop to separate it from the kitchen cabinets and walls.  Once you’ve removed all the caulking and separated the countertops you may remove the countertop from the cabinets. 

Reapply Caulking

Apply caulking adhesive along the cabinets and replace the countertop. Make sure to press firmly so that the countertops will be firmly attached.  If the countertops are heavy you may need to have a friend help you to lift the countertops.  After the countertop is on top of the cabinets you will need to reapply another layer of caulking adhesive around the outside of the countertop and where it attaches to the wall. 

Reattach Sink

Once the countertops are in place you will place the sink into the pre-cut hole in the countertop.  Remember to connect the drain lines and finally turn on the water.

If you determine that work needed to replace your countertops is more than you expected, look for a licensed general contractor in your area. 

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