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Countertop Installation
Countertop Installation

There’s nothing like walking into a kitchen with beautiful countertops.  If you’re looking for a simple yet very rewarding upgrade to your kitchen you may consider new countertop installation. Kitchen remodeling is one of the most common projects homeowners invest in because it’s known that a great kitchen increases the value of the home.  By contrast, an unappealing kitchen can really bring down the value tremendously. 

Best Kitchen Counter

As counter top installers we’re frequently asked what the best kitchen counter is. It depends on your taste and needs.  If you like rich colors, patterns, and durability you’ll most likely benefit from a granite counter installation. Granite countertops come in a variety of colors and are probably one of the most popular counter choices for homeowners. Typically granite countertops are sealed after fabrication because the material is porous.

Marble countertops are elegant and are available in beautiful patterns.  They’re a popular choice as well especially for bakers because the cool surface is ideal for rolling out dough.  Marble is sensitive to household acids like vinegar, ketchup, mustard, and citrus. 

Caesarstone is another great and popular countertop material.  It’s comprised of 93% natural quartz and is resistant to heat, stains, cracks and chemicals.  If you’d like to install counter tops that are very durable you may enjoy Caesarstone. 

Countertop Installers

Countertop Installation
New Countertop Installation

If you’re going to hire countertop installers rather than installing your new countertops yourself make sure you find out about the aftercare.  Some countertops require regular cleaning and sealing. Countertop installation requires a bit of work and expertise to do well.  Plumbing work is generally involved when you’re dealing with kitchen remodeling including something simpler like a new countertop installation.

Of course the process to install countertops is less involved than a full kitchen remodel, but expertise is required to complete a perfect job. Find out how long your countertop installers have been working and ask them to show you previous works.  It’s always best to do research on the material and what’s involved in a countertop installation before hiring a company. 

Determine your needs so you’re more prepared when choosing the countertop material whether it’s granite, laminate, marble or Caesarstone. If you’re looking to increase the value of your home and give your kitchen a great pick-me-up, countertop installation is the way to go!

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