Granite Tile Repair

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Granite is a great stone and one of the most commonly used materials for countertops or even tiles often used for flooring.  Just like all stones, you must care for them properly or they may crack or chip.

Although granite is a durable stone, it is porous and can stain.  Acidic foods can burn or "etch" the surface. In some instances heavy items may be dropped on granite tile which breaks the floor.  In those cases you need granite tile repair.

Removing Stains

Chances are if you're visiting this page it's because you may have a scratch or stain in your granite tile. You may even have a broken piece.  Granite stain removal can be accomplished using two methods.

  • Buffing Stain- A tile professional will need to buff layers of the granite down until the stain is gone and level out the area by buffing out the surrounding area.  He will start with a rougher texture of sanding paper and move to a finer sanding paper to refine the area.  The final step will be to use a stone sealer of your choice to help in prevention of future stains.
  • Poultice – This method requires a chemical mixture using a powder and liquid specific to the stain you have.  Of course if you know the source of your stain the chances are higher the stain will be removed.  Typically the tile stone expert will apply the poultice to the stain and allow it to sit for 24 hours which will absorb the stain into the chemical mixture.  He will arrive the second day to remove the mixture and see how much of the stain has been removed.

Granite Tile Repair -Broken Tiles

If you notice you have a broken tile you have a couple options:

  • Replace Individual Tile – If you have one broken tile it's not possible to glue the tile together.  It must be replaced. If you have extra tiles stored away you can replace a single tile. The problem comes when you don't have replacement tiles.  In that case you need new tile installation.
  • New Tile Installation – Many times customers find they have a broken tile, but don't have replacement tiles so they're not able to replace a single tile. Your options then are to find your replacement tile at the store, install an entirely new tiled area, or change the design. This means that the tile expert will remove several of the good tiles too and replace with other new ones to create a new design.

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