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Marble stone has long been used because of the elegant appearance, but to retain the look and luster regular marble cleaning is a must! If you aren’t savvy when it comes to marble restoration, you can inadvertently cause serious damage. Marble Cleaning

Marble is classified as a calcium based stone like Travertine , Terrazzo and Limestone. Other natural stones are non-calcium based like granite and slate. The calcium based stones are the ones you should be more careful with because they are extremely sensitive to acidic foods like vinegar, mustard, lemon, and coffee spills. If you accidently spill food make sure you blot and not rub or smear the spill.

How to Clean Marble Tiles

If you’re going to attempt marble cleaning on your own make sure you use a soft cloth like a Chamois. Unless you know the type of cleaning agent to use, it’s best to use a natural stone or marble cleaner.
  1. Wet the area using water and your Chamois or a very soft mop. Keep in mind that if you use something rough you may scratch the Carrera marble.
  2. Apply the natural cleaning agent and rinse off with your soft towel.
  3. Dry the area with a chamois – don’t air dry.
  4. Apply a marble polish following the manufacturer’s instructions.

How To Restore Marble

Marble is an extremely porous natural stone and one of the most common calls we get is for stone stain removal . A professional stone stain removal company will use a poultice, which is a paste made from powder and cleaning agents. It’s important to use the correct type of cleaning agent and powder otherwise you risk etching the marble rather than cleaning it.

Typically it may take 2 days to fully restore the marble. Many times when we are called for marble restoration and removal of stains we do our best to try to determine the cause of the stain. Then we will create a poultice and allow it to sit overnight. The following day we return and clean up the area. Most often the stain will be removed. Of course, there’s more chance for success if you tell your tile cleaning company the source of the stain so they could determine the correct poultice to use.

While marble cleaning can seem like a simple task, if not done properly you can damage your marble tile. Just to be safe, it’s a smarter idea to hire a reputable tile cleaning and sealing company.

For more information about Marble cleaning or other forms of tile cleaning and sealing please look over the different Services we offer and contact us to schedule an appointment.